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Camp Flora and Fauna

The camp is built on a transition zone betweengranite and gneiss soils to the west of the camp and lush basalt soils to the east.The ground to the west is perfect for silver cluster-leaf and mopane shrub. The soil on the otherside is ideal for growing apple-leaf and mopane shrub. Other vegetation you’ll find in the area include tamboti, leadwood and large knob-thorn.

Sadly, because of the vegetation, animal sightings are not as common as they are in other areas, although youwill have your fair share of game viewing. Going out on safari is one way to see animals but the best ways to spot the hippo, impala, warthog, elephant, buffalo and even a lion or two is from the camps lookout points or from the ladies bar balcony. On a self-drive safari, you should take the Tropic of Capricorn loop and visit the Nshawu pans to enjoy the best sightings in the area.


  • Information at Reception
  • Public Telephones
  • Post Box
  • Wimpy Restaurant
  • Shops
  • Laundromat
  • Filling Station
  • Communal Kitchens / Bathrooms
  • Basic on site First aid assistance
  • Cutlery and Plate hampers available from reception
  • Limited DSTV access
  • Swimming Pool
  • Full Cell phone reception